The Surire salt flat is located in the Chilean high plateau at 4,300 meters over the sea level, on the border with Bolivia. In its surroundings live a handful of elders, the last survivors of the Aymara culture in the area. As background, the machinery of a mine site roams the landscape, intermingled with flamingos, vicunas and llamas. SURIRE is a film that from observation and visual language portrays this unique space in which coexist natural beauty, human absurdity, and cultural decline.





Bettina Perut, Chilean, was born in Rome (Italy) in 1970. Living in Chile since 1974, she studied Journalism. Iván Osnovikoff, Chilean, was born in Puerto Montt (Chile) in 1966. He studied Anthropology. Since 1997 Bettina Perut and Iván Osnovikoff have been working together as directors and producers of the following feature documentary films: Surire (2015), La Muerte de Pinochet (2011), Noticias (2009), Welcome to New York (2006), El Astuto Mono Pinochet (2004), Un Hombre Aparte (2002), Chichichí Lelelé Martín Vargas de Chile (2000).



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